Women in Combat Announcement

The Canton Repository reached out to Deborah White, Ashley’s Mom, for comment regarding the decision of the Department of Defense to allow women in front-line combat positions. Mrs. White said,¬† “The Rangers looked at her as one of them. She gained their respect. And yes, it would be nice if they would make her a Ranger but that is a group of men that if they take you in as one of theirs you’re in and can go head to head with them on the front-line.” Mrs. White noted that all members of the Cultural Support Teams are in that group. You can read the entire article¬† here.

The Alliance Review also contacted Mrs. White regarding the change in policy. Regarding the role of women Mrs. White said, “They (women) do things that men can’t. Men can’t talk to Afghan women or children. That’s where we’re making huge strides in the war.” Mrs. White remarked she thought Ashley would “be very happy for the women because this opens doors of opportunity for them.” To download a copy of the article click here.